A Victorian Novelty Stick Stand in the Form of a Standing Taxidermy Badger


Origin: English
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880-1900
Height: 31 inches
Width: 12 inches (at maximum)
Depth: 14 inches (at maximum)

Offering the service of Geoffrey the British badger butler, with his own brand of sarcastic humour and first class entrance hall service. Now, an elder statesman, Geoffrey has lost some of his hair and has gone a bit grey but still has a good posture and is currently too proud to retire.

Standing tall on a painted metal base with oak hoop and removable drip tray, Geoffrey is able to comfortably hold at least a dozen sticks, umbrellas, or fireside irons without so much of a moan, usually just uttering the words ‘your stick sir?’ as you pass.

In addition to four years at Oxford University and a long career working for British aristocrats, Geoffrey was an Olympic runner for several years, but was disqualified in shame after cheating in the 100m. In the 1970s, he was a butler for the band Led Zeppelin and in the 80s, a sparring butler for Chuck Norris. During his younger years he reveals having practiced Greco-Roman wrestling.

Now available for service once more, it should be noted Geoffrey considers himself to be part of the English working-class, despite speaking the Queen's English and is wary of relationships with rich women.

When we confronted Geoffrey earlier about him needlessly tarnishing his own excellent service with his frequent sarcastic comments he merely replied, “Sarcasm? Whatever do you mean?”