Origin: Unknown
Period: 19thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1850-1900
Height: 5.5”
Width: 5.5”
Depth: 8”

In relic condition, the largely in-tact human skull dating to the middle or later part of the nineteenth century, displaying a beautifully aged patina and colour, with some loss to one side, the calvarium being uncut and the mandible unarticulated, and displayed on a nineteenth century circular ebonised stand.

The skull remains in good overall order; please view the photographs for a full visual reference. Most of the missing teeth were lost ante-mortem, with possibly some that were lost post-mortem. It has been spray painted gold at some stage to the inner cavity.

Although some may find selling human bones unethical it is completely legal providing the specimen is antique and not displayed in a public environment without a license, rather only privately.

Many tales to tell, remaining untold.