Afghan Ziegler Rug: 288cm x 243cm


The term 'Ziegler' refers to the Anglo-Swiss company Ziegler & Co. They were producing exclusive Persian carpets in their own workshops in the Sultanabad region of Western Persia between 1875 and 1920.Afghan Zieglers have proved to be one of the most popular hand woven rugs of recent times. They are woven mainly by Afghan weavers and are sold out of markets in Northern Pakistan. This beautiful carpet has a wonderfully quiet and under-stated design that will not over power a room.This is a supremely well-made rug of high quality. The pile is cut low and is crafted to antique designs and using only natural dyes, whilst the hand-spun yarn creates a stunning depth of colour and sophistication.As with all hand-made rugs, each piece brings with it a spectrum of shades of colouring depending upon from which angle one views it from. This central field of this Ziegler has a particularly rich offering of stylized flowers as the beautiful pattern shimmers through a range of golds, drawn perfectly upon a truffle coloured ground. Moving towards the outer part of the rug, the Ziegler boasts a triple border in a light powder gold, which offsets the central field wonderfully well. The outer border reverts back to truffle, giving the piece it's balance. This is a mesmerising piece at the lowest possible price.