Origin: Italian
Period: Mid 18thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: 1740
Height: 32.75”
Width: 13.5”
Depth: 11” (all at extremities)

The well carved and sized figure showing much of the original paint, now beautifully timeworn, one hand with fingers pinched, the other showing his palm, his eyes closed, with long flowing beard and red skullcap or zucchetto, wearing billowing robes, the reverse being hollowed out, having been an altar piece in an ecclesiastical setting or Italian provincial church such as within a niche, and surviving from the first half of eighteenth century Italy.

This highly decorative figure has losses and chipped wear; please refer to the photographs for a full visual reference. Pleasingly the finger digits are all present, save some loss to one thumb. There is loss to the lower right flank as photographed and some very old signs of woodworm. He remains essentially complete but a little fragile.

The carving, showing a pope, cardinal or saint, is well carved and proportioned, with the hands positioning being very deft and the whole having a serene atmospheric feel. It has some resemblance to Pope Paul IV, and the dress is certainly of Catholic origin.

A truly fabulous piece of good size that would make an enviable centerpiece.