An Assortment of c.1940 Cast Metal Letters From the Gaumont Cinema, Finchley London


Origin: English
Period: Art Deco
Provenance: The Gaumont Cinema, Finchley, London, UK
Date: c.1935-45
Height: 4 inches
Depth: 0.75 inches (each)

The assortment of nineteen solid cast metal letters showing a well established patination, and with fixing spikes to their rears for wall attachment, salvaged from the Gaumont cinema Finchley, London consisting of:
A x 3 (1 SOLD)
C x 2
E x 1 (SOLD)
H x1
L x 4
M x 1
O x1
S x 3
T x 2
U x 1

NB: Price is per letter. Please specify which letter(s) you require upon ordering.

The letters are in good original order, they are weighty, and have a beautiful aged green tinted patination. Most of the letters have fixing prongs to their reverses – please ask about individual letters if this is of importance.

Cinema arrived in England in around 1895 and reached almost every corner of the globe by the end of 1896. The heyday for the cinema was during the 1930s, when this light would have been made, and when up to half the population visited the cinema twice a week. Following the outbreak of the Second World War, cinemas closed, like the Gaumont, only to reopen two weeks later and to continue operating throughout the war, offering customers an escape from daily reality.

North Finchley’s Gaumont cinema was built in 1937 and boasted an elaborate stone carving on its outer tower by designer Newbury A Trent, depicting the shooting of a film, with lights, camera, director and actors. The cinema housed 2165 people, had an 120 seat restaurant, a panelled mahogany interior and a stunning Compton organ. It was closed, in excellent condition, by owner Rank in 1980 and demolished in 1987. These cinema fixings were saved by a former cinema manager, during the cinemas demolition.

Versatile decorative with a cinematic twist.

NB: Price is per letter. Please specify which letter(s) you require upon ordering