An Atmospheric Oil on Canvas Portrait Study of Three Asian Gentlemen; Signed A. Lambert

Origin: Unknown
Period: Early/Mid 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1930-50
Canvas Height: 30 inches
Canvas Width: 25 inches

Painted in oils on canvas and presented unframed, the study of three south east Asian (possibly Cambodian origin) gentlemen, two sharing a joke over a book, the others gaze fixed downward in contemplation, the composition painted in metallic tones on a dark ground, signed to the bottom right corner A.Lambert.

There is dirt and some craquelure across the canvas with areas of loss to several patches making the picture very decorative and it remains unframed though one can make out the original framing line to it. It could therefore be cleaned, restored and framed if so desired, but we here like to leave all of our pieces untouched and we love the picture as it is. There is a suppliers stamp to the canvas verso but it is nigh on indiscernible.

The use of a limited colour palette, light, and the edgy angular lines used in the picture prove very effective, with the textures of the fabrics to the clothes of the subjects and the application of light being particularly well realised. We feel the balance and overall feel of the picture is very appealing.

This distinctive picture of good size would make a stunning impact in the right setting.