An Attractive Early 20thC Neo-Classical Composition Stone Fluted Pedestal Column

Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920-50
Height: 35.5”
Diameter at Top: 12.5”
Diameter at Base: 17”

The decorative composition stone column, in two parts, the whole with fluted neo-classical decoration, standing on a separate moulded base, survives from the second quarter of the twentieth century.

The column is in fair to good overall order, it has suffered one fall at some stage so the base has a crack to the round which has been repaired though it is a little unsightly on one side this does not effective its stability. The whole has some small losses here and there with nibbled edges and has a pleasing weathered feel with a good patination that one associates with decent age. The top is beautifully worn to a glass like sheen, with the placing of objects throughout the years.

This type of column would be best served for busts, urns and statuary with it being particularly suited to neoclassical pieces, and metallic or stoneware items.

Interior or exterior, a very useful and, actually, rather hard to find piece.