An Attractive Late Victorian Brass & Stained Glass Hall Lantern c.1890

Origin: English
Period: Late Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890-1900
Width: 8” square
Height: 22”
On Chain: 27.5”

The high-Victorian period hall lantern, of Gothic revival and Arts and Crafts influence, the pierced brass frame of good size with spiral twist column pilasters, having the original stained cut glass to all four sides, with a geometric design to a central rosette to each panel, each with leaded divisions, and with the original hanging chain fixtures, surviving from late nineteenth century England.

The light fitting is in good, working condition. The whole does not suffer from losses, or cracks to the glass, with some light repairs and restoration to some of the lead, the whole with a good aged patination to the surface with the finish worn more heavily in some places than others. The light has had its aged and unsafe wiring replaced and has been PAT tested and is now up to modern standards and is supplied a 3-pin plug.

This lantern carries many striking elements typical of the arts and crafts style: the punched brass is artisan and hand-crafted in feel and appearance, whilst the bold panels and frosted glass ensure that when illuminated, this lantern emits a really beautiful glow, and casts an equally beautiful silhouette. Gothic revival, being a strand of the Arts and Crafts theme, shows some influence seen here in the style of the pierced brass being rather ecclesiastical in its overall aesthetic.

A very pretty lantern, of high Victoriana, in good original condition.