An Early 19thC French Chinoiserie Tôle Peinte Water Urn c.1820

Origin: French
Period: Empire
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1820
Width: 17.75”
Depth: 6”
Height: 18.25”

The very attractive early 19th century tôle peinte water urn or container, attractively shaped and showing a stylised Oriental man amongst bamboo to a central cartouche, against a soft yellow ground, being line decorated in red, with pierced decorative crowning, and surviving in good original condition from early nineteenth century France.

The urn is in very decorative condition with beautifully worn surfaces, the tap appears to be jammed and there is some loss to the lattice edgings to the top to the left side with the front section having been re-attached. There are vertical brackets to the rear where it would have been mounted originally. The lid opens as intended to reveal the vacant interior.

The term tôle, derived from the French tôle peinte, "painted sheet metal", is synonymous in English usage with japanning on tin, such as the tôle shades for bouilotte lamps and other candle shades, and trays and lidded canisters or containers such as this.
Deliciously decorative for wall or table top.