Origin: English
Period: George III/ Regency
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1820-30
Width: 34.5”
Height: 20.5”
Depth: 9.5” (all at extremities)

In very original condition, the duck egg Georgian painted flight or bank of twenty drawers each with the original two-pin handles, sign-written numbering and remnants of hand-written workshop labels, and period pencil annotations to one flank, having two rows of six smaller drawers over two sets of four larger, with some being compartmentalised, the fronts remaining untouched, and the whole surviving from the first quarter of the nineteenth century.

In beautifully untouched condition the painted pine drawer fronts are now evocatively chipped and worn, with a well-established patina; the handles are incredibly all original and each drawer moves freely. The flanks and top are free from paint, with some interesting pencil annotations to one side mentioning customers names and measures. The white sign written numbers are later, probably late Victorian.

Made by a Georgian craftsmen for workshop use, this is a versatile and desirable period piece of furniture. It is probable that this particular example was used for haberdashery or in a general shop counter environment due to the clues found on the annotations. It is also possible it was for apothecary or artists pigment use.

In a colour to die for, a thrillingly original piece of Georgian painted furniture.