An Early 19thC Repaired Beechwood Bowl c.1830-40

Origin: English
Period: William IV
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1830-40
Diameter: 12.25”
Height: 5.5”

The wonderful treen bowl, in beech, having a residual dark stain, groove turned rim band and a lovingly executed blacksmith sheet metal patch repair to one flank to mend a crack, the whole with a lovely deep patination and surviving from the second quarter of the nineteenth century.

The condition of the plate is purely perfection in imperfection. Someone who was desperate to keep it in tact and in the family for years to come has lovingly repaired it. It has a lovely colour and is of a good useable size.

Many bowls of this type were food or dairy bowls and the marks and signs of use are an honest reflection of their daily use over the years and if used for soups or broths, for instance their colour becomes naturally darker. When the bowl is ‘dug out’ it simply means it was carved out from one piece of wood.

The great care that was taken over the repair of this wooden bowl to extend its life, suggests that such items were not actually that common and that it was highly valued.

Charming and irregular, a real delight, this.