An Early 20thC Art School Desk Magnifying Glass c.1930

Origin: British
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1930
The Base: 6” d x 5” w
Height: 18.5” (at maximum)
Lens: 4” diameter

The fully adjustable industrial style table magnifier with a thick and highly powerful lens on a articulated arm, to a metal base with recess for storage of lens when not in use, the whole being attractively paint splattered throughout and with a wonderful crusty verdigris to the base, surviving from the second quarter of twentieth century England.

The condition is good. The magnifier moves freely in all positions in both the arm and the lens itself and is flexible whilst holding its poise. Aesthetically it has no repairs or any kind of restoration work. The lens does not suffer from any chips or cracks. The base has a stamp to the underside reading L&S. We were unable to find out any information as to who this maker is.

A more characterful magnifier one could not hope to find.