An Early 20thC Mounted Natural History Specimen of a Conch Shell


Origin: English
Period: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900-1920
Diameter: 3 inches (the base)
Height: 8 inches
Depth: 4 inches
Width: 3.5 inches (all at maximum)

Rod mounted on an ebonised circular plinth stand the spiral conch shell having a high spire and siphonal canal with a fine colour.

In fine order, there are no flaws to report other than very light general wear commensurate with age to both the stand and shell.

A conch is a sea-dwelling marine gastropod mollusc. Many conch, such as the Queen Conch, are found among beds of sea grass in warm tropical waters and their shells have historically been used as anything from weapons in the Caribbean, building materials and musical instruments, though perhaps most commonly decoratively, as we see here.

This little chap, when positioned carefully, can lift a shelf, sideboard or mantelpiece from darkened doldrums to an interesting and curious marine themed plateau.