An Early 20thC Religious Plaque; ‘Christ is the Head of this House’ c.1915

Origin: English
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1915
Width: 19.75”
Height: 13.25”
Depth: 0.75” (all in frame)

Presented in a period stained pine frame with gilded slip, the religious plaque or notice being crafted in inlaid plaster to a compressed felt ground, reading ‘Christ is the Head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation’, in ghostly white script on a pea green ground, the edges stamped ‘British manufacture’ and ‘copyright S.W.P. & Co. Ltd. London’ and surviving from the first quarter of the twentieth century.

The condition of the notice is fair to good with only one very small chip to the lettering to the ‘c’ of conversation. The frame is in keeping of the period but we aren’t sure if it was always housed within; there is a label verso reading ‘ Spiegel u Bilderrahmen Fabrik von George Lotz Cassel’; a trifle odd seeing as the plaque itself is clearly English.

There are many modern reproductions of this notice available, but period examples are seemingly hard to come by; the origin for the words is apparently Celtic, but the exact origins of the saying appear to be sketchy at best.

Depending on who is the head of your home this piece is either inspirational or rather unsettling; pair with other religious gone byes for maximum effect.