An Early Monastic Medieval Limestone Column; c.1400 & Later

Origin: English
Period: Principally Late Medieval
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1400 & 20thC
Height: 45”
The Base: 11.5”

The limestone plinth column, of monastic origins, beautifully weathered with age, on a twentieth century octagonal composition stone base and sphere top, surviving principally from the late medieval period.

The plinth has sub-millimetre flaking to the stone as photographed; with salt damage to the magnesian limestone. The later sphere could be removed if so desired, with it being held on with a metal rod, though does give the piece balance. The later base has been made integral.

The column would have stood within an abbey setting and would have been one of many supports; and there are similar columns to be found at columns at Selby Abbey, for instance, in north Yorkshire. We obtained it from a vendor who had had it in his possession for many years in the north of England.

Able to be placed inside or out, a piece with a beautiful serenity and calmness to it.