An Early & Well Patinated Relic Human Skull; Pre c.1800

Origin: Unknown
Period: Pre c.1800
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800 or earlier
Height: 5.5”
Width: 5”
Depth: 7.5”

The largely in-tact early human skull dating to at least the early nineteenth century, though probably earlier, displaying an incredible and beautifully aged Verdigris-like patina and colour of oxidised turquoise, the calvarium having a fracture to one side, possibly due to blunt force trauma, and with the mandible absent survives in relic condition.

The skull remains in un-meddled with order; please view the photographs for a full visual reference. There are three teeth remaining.

Although some may find selling human bones unethical it is completely legal providing the specimen is antique and not displayed in a public environment without a license, rather only privately. In our opinion the stories that this wonderful object tries to tell deserve to be told rather than shut away or hidden.

We have never seen another human skull having taken on this colour to the whole before; a fascinating and incredibly redolent object.