An Impressive 20thC Acrylic & Tourmaline Encrusted Crucifixion Alter Piece


Origin: English
Period: Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: 1990-2000
Height: 32.5 inches
Width: 19.5 inches
Depth: 6 inches (at maximum – base)
Weight: 7.3 KG

The large and imposing acrylic crucifixion altarpiece encrusted in natural tourmaline crystals, having a loincloth picked out in beige-tan with the remaining body predominantly in green; standing on a hollow rectangular base.

In very fine condition there are only a very small amount of stones missing with no structural damage.

Cross symbols predate Christianity, and ancient objects bearing crosses have been found in most parts of the world and the cross is the most well-known symbol of the Christian faith. It represents the death and resurrection of Jesus and serves as a reminder of our own sins and our need for redemption.

Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colours. The reason, according to an old Egyptian legend, is that the tourmaline, on its long journey up from the centre of the Earth, passed over a rainbow. In doing so, it assumed all the colours of the rainbow. And that is why it is still referred to as the 'gemstone of the rainbow'.

Most likely a private commission, one could see this appearing from the depths of the imaginations of a Scott Campbell or Damien Hirst; a real statement piece.