An Interesting Geology & Paleontology Country House Collection of Fossils, Antiquities, Coins, Rock Samples & Minerals


Origin: Anglo-Spanish
Period: Late Nineteenth / Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: Dated examples collected c.1890 – c.1925
Various measurements available on request

To include a mixed seventy one piece collection of fossils, rocks and mineral specimens, plus a small collection of coins, artifacts and antiquities.

The condition of the specimens is good with most remaining intact; there are two or three with chips or small cracks.

Examples include geodes, Derbyshire Blue John; Ammonite, a flint arrow head, a thimble, a 14thC armorial harness pendant, conical and cylindrical examples, plus two annotated samples inscribed Knaresbo ? 1891; and another labeled reading ‘from the mountains of, August 9th 1925 - Polly’. The link to Spain is explained by the Spanish vesta case present and the small haul of Spanish coinage.

This eclectic collection is varied and rich in intrigue and could be called upon to form the bedrock of any cabinet of curiosity.