An Unusual & Attractive William IV Period Mahogany Chaise Longue c.1835



Origin: English
Period: William IV
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1835
Height: 36” at back or 16” at seat
Width: 52”
Depth: 22.5” (all approximate & at extremities)

The William IV period chaise longue, of unusual form and proportions, having a high back to a show-wood mahogany scroll arm, retaining the very pretty original floral upholstery to the back now beautifully faded with age, the seat recovered in Linwood’s Dusk Tuscan linen with piping throughout, the whole on a beech frame to well turned mahogany William IV legs to original castors survives from the second quarter of nineteenth century England.

In very good overall condition, the piece has been given some restoration so as the joints are tight and all as they should be, with the seat having fresh upholstery and webbing. The original floral upholstery to the back has been salvaged, though with one repair to the top section. The legs and castors are all original and the chaise proves stable, comfortable and clean.

The chaise longue enjoys a long history spanning many cultures. It has been a symbol of luxury and comfort from the days of Cleopatra to today. The chaise lounge did not make its way into French living rooms until the 16th century. During its transition from Egypt to France the chaise lounge had evolved a great deal, and had gained a backrest for reclining rather than just single arm rest. The chaise lounge made its way into Britain and America during the 18th century. It became a fashion statement of the rich and famous and was a must-have item in wealthy homes. The popularity of the chaise lounge has snow-balled since this time and is seen in homes throughout the world.

This example is unusual in that it almost represents an extended carver chair, the back is unusually high and the show-wood arm is also unusual. It’s proportions are pleasing and to retain some of the original fabric is charming and rare.

A particularly attractive example of the much-loved chaise with a quirky configuration and pleasing originality.