An Unusual Regency & Later Mahogany Bird Perch Stand with Porcelain Cockatoo

Origin: English
Period: Regency & Edwardian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1820, c.1890 & c.1910
Height: 66”
Width: 23.5” (at base)
Depth: 14.5” (at base)

The large floor standing frame, fitted with a late nineteenth century porcelain Dresden(?) sulphur crested cockatoo, the bird perched within a swinging brass hoop, within an Edwardian period upper frame with finial, the lower Regency period base having a turned stem and triform beehive turned base with faux painted rosewood crossbanding to bun feet, the whole a concoction of mixed periods.

The cockatoo shows repairs to it with the tail feather with a repaired crack and also to the head with some small loss; please refer to the photographs for a full visual reference. One of the feet as been cut down in length so as the piece can stand flat against a wall. It remains sturdy with a good colour to the mahogany and the bird swings freely on his hoop.

Dresden cockatoos are valuable themselves and when they rarely appear for sale they fetch good sums. The bird is marked to the base with the hand painted numbering of ‘2055’.

A somewhat bonkers Regency and Edwardian mash up and a unique and imaginative realisation of eccentricity.