Origin: English
Period: Early Victorian & 21stC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1840 & c.2018
Height: 38”
Width: 20”
Depth: 16.5” (all at extremities)

The large and fine stuffed and mounted barn owl (Tyto alba) specimen*, spread-eagled amidst take-off from a good early Victorian period fluted sandstone tulip shaped and lotus carved urn, to a separate plinth base, the whole a sculptural concoction surviving from the nineteenth and twenty first centuries.

“O Radiant Dawn, O Radiant Dawn, O Radiant Dawn
Splendour of Eternal Light
Sun of Justice, Sun of Justice, Sun of Justice
Come, come, come, come, come,
come shine on those who dwell in darkness And the shadow of death”

Excerpt from O Radiant Dawn by James MacMillan

*Provided with A10 certificate Article 10 - 577932/10.