Qashgai Antique Persian Salt-Bag: 54cm x 39cm


Origin: Persia/Iran
Style: Qashgai Antique Persian Salt-Bag
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Early/Middle 20th C
Hand Woven Niddle work
Length: 54cms / 1.7 feet
Width: 39cms / 1.3 feet

This type of bag, traditionally used  for storing personal possessions or indeed salt, but also sometimes as a cushion stuffed with feathers. The Qashqai nomadic tribes of the Fars province in southwestern Iran weave these pieces with an assured dexterity and skill.They are not normally made for export, but for domestic use; that is the reason they are often carefully and beautifully made, and they can be very decorative. The front face is carpet and the reverse is usually Kilim.

This is a scarcer variety of bag, which features a funneled top. The face patternation features an attractive geometric  design, with what are known as crab rosettes. These are set upon  a luscious indigo ground. The border is in a Greek key style. The reverse is a handsome and rather contemporary horizontal design, comprising of indigo, red, black, cream and amber sections. It should be noted, that due to it's use and age, there is a small amount of damage to the top of the funnel on this piece. The fringe is sparse.These bags have a multitude of uses that could include using the piece as a cushion, a small rug, a beautiful wall hanging or as a personal storage bag as the maker probably intended. A small price to pay for a very useable and versatile work of art.