Queen Victoria, The Coronation: A Fine Glazed Commemorative Print in Medallic Form


Origin: English
Period: Early Nineteenth Century
Provenance: N/A
Date: c. 1838
Diameter: 1.5 inches (W&E)

Having a brass beveled edge and suspension hoop, the glazed black and white print showing the Queen, bust three-quarters enthroned, reading “Her Majesty Queen Victoria. I.”, The reverse shows a symbolistic depiction of the coronation reading “Crowned 28th June 1838”…“Born 24th May 1819”, the Queen surrounded by the figures of Britannia , Fame, and a Lion, with a Cherub above.

The condition is good considering the age; the original glass remains in tact on both sides and the brass and loop are all unharmed. There is a small ding to the inner-top of the edging and some discoloration to the print though the edges of the print where it meets the edging could be cleaned if so desired.

On 20 June 1837, King William IV died and his niece, Princess Victoria, became Queen at the age of 18. Her coronation was held at Westminster Abbey a year later on 28 June 1838. The coronation, of which this medal commemorates, was a huge occasion and four hundred thousand visitors went to London to see the new Queen being crowned.

Very fine and attractive and being printed and glazed, this is a more scarce variety of a coronation medal with the majority being in regular metallic form. Aside from being highly collectable, it could be effectively used as an item of jewellery or a highly original decorative portrait miniature for your wall.