Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid 19thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800-40
The Canvas: 30” high x 25.5” wide
In Frame: 39” high x 34.5” wide x 6” deep

The unequivocally dirty oil on canvas painting, of good size, its subject being completely indiscernible, with decades of dirt and craquelure to the surface, sitting in a good quality gilt gesso frame with stiff leaf carved mouldings, the whole in attic condition and surviving from the late eighteenth or nineteenth century.

The picture has an old reline, probably nineteenth century in date, with the good quality frame having a few small losses to the gesso. There are some remains of a paper backing to the reverse.

The picture could obviously undertake a total transformation and reveal either an old master, a competent portrait, or a bleary landscape but for us it remains so brilliantly mysterious in this state, the question is perhaps best left unanswered.

The idea of having this picture hanging on a wall and never knowing what lurks beneath the layers of dirt; we think that’s totally fascinating.

Since this picture cannot essentially be inherently valued, we are offering it to our clients on an auction basis. The rules are as follows:

To Bid;
Send us an email to or direct message us via our Instagram handle @doeandhope with your highest bid. We will notify all bidders if the reserve for the lot has been met by reply. You can raise your bid at any point prior to the closing of the auction which is on Friday 21st September at 2pm (GMT).  

We will periodically update the current high bid for the picture. Once the lot is closed will we will announce the winning bid.

All bids will be screenshot to keep an electronic record of them; all bids being final.

There will be no commission on any bid.

Good luck.