Three Rare & Large Early Victorian Gothic Cast Iron Cathedral Floor Grilles c.1840

Origin: English
Period: Early Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1840
Height: 48.5”
Width: 24.25”
Depth: 0.5” (each x3)

The large and rare trio of cast iron floor grilles or grates, each with an intricate and beautiful repeating gothic design of conforming circles with quatrefoils, having been part of the flooring area for ventilation in a large church or cathedral, each of rectangular form and surviving from the high gothic period of the early Victorian era.

The grilles have not been painted or restored in any way and amazingly there are no losses or damages to speak of. There is rusting commensurate with age.

These grilles would have been originally used to cover the heating or water pipes in churches, orangeries and Victorian greenhouses or to allow ventilation. The size and quality of these three examples points at them having been in a cathedral or at the very least a large and important church. The technique of metal casting came to its peak in the 19th Century with most of the Victorian ironworks being located in Scotland and the Midlands.

Perfect for a showstopping project; whether within the home, commercial premises or as part of an exciting garden showpiece.